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Composite Decking Smoked Oak Millgate Homes Balcony
All Millgate homes are built to the highest standard, using the best materials – Millboard fits into that philosophy. We use it for our homes’ balconies and terraces because of its unmatched combination of attractive looks, ease of maintenance and durabilityGary Higgins, Senior Buyer, Millgate Homes
Smoked Oak Millgate Homes Balcony & Seating

The Solution

Bespoke support for bespoke projects

Each Millgate home is custom-designed and built, meaning that the requirements for each are different. To help identify how Millboard is best applied in each home, frequent site surveys and visits are made by representatives from the Millboard Projects Team.

One example of the specialist advice provided is regarding the degree of build-up recommended for specific balconies. After a detailed assessment, a specification of the support system required is issued. Millboard then calculates and supplies the number of boards, the correct support system and number of pedestals required.

Millboard Decking Used

Smoked Oak Millgate Homes Balcony & Garden